Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing spikes engagement and drives acquisition. We provide strategic direction, vision, and insights to supercharge paid social tactics and drive your KPIs and conversions.  No matter where your users are, from top networking sites to content focused websites, we will identify how to reach and engage them in a meaningful way.

Approach – We take the time to understanding the goals + KPIs of the campaign. Then we devise a strategic approach to drive the most effective tactics. Spanning multiple social networking sites, engaging them each in a unique and effective way.

Tools & Technology – We have considerable skill at leveraging the hyper-targeting options available in the social media space today.  Our optimization process achieves phenomenal results, and our tools and technology partnership keep us at the forefront of the ever evolving Social Media marketplace.

Targeting – Social Media provides phenomenal targeting potential, from geo-location to personal interests, we can tap into an ever growing list of variable to find the perfect customer for your brand.

Measurable – Everything we do in Social Media comes with hard data, the proof to back up your investment. Spanning engagement on the Social Media website(s) to engagement and conversions on your website.