Research is the cornerstone of understanding, and understanding is the foundation of a successful plan.

Consumer Research

Knowing and understanding your consumers and their preferences is essential. Before launching a campaign, we identify with you, key segments of opportunity, and their motivators, from lifestyle to technology. This depth of understanding gives us the ability to market to your consumers more effectively.

Competitive Intelligence

Understand who your competitors are, and their media footprint. This intelligence doesn’t define our plans, but is another factor in determining the right strategy for your business.

Media Research

Today’s media landscape is fragmented and evolving daily. We uncover your best opportunities and define the validity, impact, and investment required to achieve the results you expect.

Pre-Launch and Post-Campaign Research

Measuring the effectiveness of your campaign strategies is important to understanding success. In order to assess your campaign’s impact, we measure a number of variables that identify the extent to which you have built awareness and momentum.

A pre-launch survey determines the benchmark for a post-campaign research, measuring your advertising effectiveness. Tactically, we develop each campaign to have its own research parameters, but a typical campaign would include:

  • Brand Favourability
  • Competitive Benchmarks
  • Purchase Intent & Influencers
  • Aided & Unaided Awareness

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