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Time + Space is a media agency committed to helping you profile, reach and engage with your customers.  At our core we are passionate about human behaviour, the motivators that propel people to act and staying at the forefront of a dynamic media landscape.
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Apple’s latest update and what this means for mobile advertising

July 29, 2015

Recently, Apple made some major announcements at their Apple Live event. Chances are you caught wind of a few of them. Maybe you checked out the updates for iOS 9 scheduled to launch in September, or you were tempted to try Apple Music.

There was one specific announcement, however, which caught the attention of advertisers and marketers worldwide. When iPhone and iPad users update their operating system to iOS 9, there will be an option to enable ad-blocking extensions in Safari – Apple’s web browser – which accounts for roughly 25% of mobile web traffic. Many in the industry believe that this update could transform the way we advertise on the mobile web.

So, what does this mean? Let us break it down for you.

For as long as smartphones and tablets have been dominating our culture, the advertising industry has been struggling to find a revenue model that works. The New York Times, for example, makes just 10 percent of its total revenue from mobile. This is despite the fact that 38/50 news sites get more traffic from mobile than desktop. Ad blocking technology in mobile could be a threat to sites who are already unable to fully monetize their content. Read More »