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Time + Space is a media agency committed to helping you profile, reach and engage with your customers.  At our core we are passionate about human behaviour, the motivators that propel people to act and staying at the forefront of a dynamic media landscape.
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Facebook Canvas: New Space for Big Ideas

February 9, 2016

Facebook Canvas Ads

A big, new feature is coming to Facebook advertising. As a Facebook Partner, Time + Space Media has the opportunity to launch and whitelist our clients for Canvas ads before the product is made available across Canada.

What are Canvas Ads? Let me break it down for you:

Canvas is an immersive and expressive experience on Facebook for businesses to tell their stories and showcase their products on mobile devices. The Canvas ads offer an interactive, creative full-screen experience customized with video, images and text. Canvas allows people to explore a brand story’s in their News Feed without ever having to leave Facebook. In some cases, it’s similar to a micro-site within the Facebook News Feed. Feel free to visit as well to have the full experience.

Facebook currently reaches 83% of internet users across multi-device and 94% reach on mobile across Canada. As more and more users flock to their mobile devices to reach and connect with their friends and brands, this is the perfect way to capture their attention in the Facebook News Feed.

Canvas. It’s fast. It’s mobile-optimized. It’s the best thing to come to Facebook in a while. Canvas will be available globally to all advertisers in late February 2016; however, as a Facebook Partner, we have the unique opportunity to put this in market early for our clients. Canvas will be a vital option for advertisers in the following industries: Restaurants, Tourism, Arts + Entertainment, Home + Garden, Automotive and Experiential.

Canvas will be available for website clicks, website conversions and page post objectives. Facebook will be rolling this out for all objectives soon. If you’re interested in trying out Canvas or any other Facebook advertising, drop us a line.

BeckyAnne Brydon

BeckyAnne Brydon
Manager, Content
With over 6 years in the industry, BeckyAnne specializes in and leads Content + Social Media Marketing at Time + Space Media. BeckyAnne’s expertise drove 3.5 million social media leads in 2015 for Time + Space’s clients.

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