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How to optimize social media to drive conversions

January 29, 2015

You have been actively engaged in primary social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc., diligently building community through thoughtful, engaging and sometimes quirky content. But now it’s time to take a conversion oriented approach to social media. There are several practices you can employ to optimize your social activity to drive desired actions from your community (for example: build email database, lead generation, sales, etc).

Here is a list of things to consider that will decrease the gap between social interactions and website conversions:


It is vital to have an analytics framework in place in order to measure the effectiveness of all marketing activities. Start by reviewing your website’s analytics and ask yourself:

  • how much of our referral traffic is coming from social?
  • do we know what social channels are driving the most conversions?
  • what social content is driving actions on our website?

Your learnings will help to focus your energy on social channels that provide the best opportunities.

Test, Learn, Optimize

Segment inbound social traffic by social channel, organic/paid, image/text, etc. in order to test, learn and optimize.

  • employ unique tracking codes by activity, and measure the effectiveness of each effort.
  • ask yourself – what form of call-to-action drove desired results? Do I see a difference between organic post A vs. organic post B? Why?

Integrate Paid Social Ads

Research shows that paid social leads to 25% more conversions than organic. It is a cost efficient means to drive results.

  • targeting options on most paid social platforms allow you to reach highly qualified audiences, resulting in increased conversion rates.
  • flexibility allows you to test, learn and optimize.

We’ve seen referral traffic from social media account for up to 40% of our client websites’ overall traffic, which has directly translated into a conversion-based approach to social media.

And it works.

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