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Time + Space is a media agency committed to helping you profile, reach and engage with your customers.  At our core we are passionate about human behaviour, the motivators that propel people to act and staying at the forefront of a dynamic media landscape.
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The Evolution of the Grocery Shopper

November 23, 2015

Principle Grocery Shopper

Have you taken the time to look around the grocery store lately? If you take a moment to stop and observe the people in your company, you may be surprised to see who are filling the aisles.

Gone are the days when only Mom did the shopping. With the large upswing in the number of couples and men in store, brands have a unique opportunity to reach, engage and build brand loyalty with new segments and consumers.

What’s changed:

  • More men are shopping by themselves or with their partners
  • Men are less price sensitive and more loyal to brands
  • Men believe that advertised brands offer better quality than those that are not advertised and are willing to spend more money if it will save them time. This is a contrast to women who are looking to save money and cut coupons.

So, why are more men shopping? There are a few factors: millennials are less likely to embody traditional gender roles; men and women are getting married older, resulting in more single men shopping; increase in the number of single dads; and, more co-grocery shopping couples.

Online Shopping

With the evolution of the grocery shopper and as more shopping moves online, there is an opportunity to consider how, when and where brand’s are reaching the right consumer. The way of the future: data-driven, real-time advertising and marketing campaigns optimizing to the right consumer at the right time on the right device with the right message.

Customized messages and tailored advertising campaigns are the way of the future. Is your brand ready?


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